Rclone serve webdav polling issues

I've been using a samba mount over VPN but its very unstable and affects the entire mergerFS mount.

Are there any solutions available in rclone that I can take advantage of, that let's me mount remote files locally, that has the least amount of overhead/security.


have you determined the weak link, is it the vpn or samba?

for the samba mount, what do you do with the data, stream media, edit files or what?

It appears to be a combination of both. Since the directory structure isn’t cached, it slows down the mergerFS mount and since it’s read directly, there’s network latency visible in read operations.

Streaming, yes.

so you are not using rclone as this point?

i stream media over vpn. have done it many ways over the years.

in the past i has a setup like this.

on the remote server, with the media files, i did a rclone serve sftp
one the local server, over the vpn, i did a rclone mount pointing to that sftp server.

the local emby server scans the rclone mount folder.
works great for streaming, no idea about mergerfs

@Animosity022 knows about mergerfs...

Thanks for that. I've set up a webdav serve and created and mounted a remote for it on the client.

However, I don't see quota info for it with df? Defaults to 1PB avail and 0 used.

that is common behaviour with rclone with some backends

fwiw, not a fan of webdav, no hashing for file verifcaton and lacks support for modtimes.
tho with `rclone serve webdav, perhaps rclone emulate that.

i always use rclone serve sftp.

Does sftp support editing files? Tried ftp but couldn't create or delete files.

as far as i know, ftp and sftp are protocols for transferring files.

in order to edit files, need to make that ftp/sftp server appear as local storage.
need to mount it.
i have read, on linux, has native support for that.

with rclone, if you want to edit files, use rclone mount,

I'm using rclone mount in the client of course. I do need rw access. With webdav I'm not seeing files update in the rclone mount. What would you suggest?

please understand, that i cannot see into your computer...
can you post the rclone mount command?

on linux, as with windows, you can mount a webdav server without using rclone.

# server
/usr/bin/rclone serve webdav /home/ubuntu/drive-local --addr ip:8770
# client

ExecStart=/usr/bin/rclone mount oc1-webdav: /mnt/oc1-drive --rc
#ExecStartPost=/usr/bin/rclone rc vfs/refresh recursive=true _async=true --rc-addr ${RCLONE_RC_ADDR}
ExecStop=/bin/fusermount -uz /mnt/oc1-drive

try adding --vfs-cache-mode writes to the rclone mount command..

"Without the use of --vfs-cache-mode this can only write files sequentially, it can only seek when reading. This means that many applications won't work with their files on an rclone mount without --vfs-cache-mode writes or --vfs-cache-mode full"

Did that, files still won't update.

what do you mean, what type of file are you trying to edit, what program are you using to edit that file?
perhaps try --vfs-cache-mode full to the rclone mount and perhaps try adding it to rclone serve webbav

i do not have much experience with webdav and none with rclone serve webdav

if that does not work, need to look into a debug log.

I think this can be reproduced. touch file.txt in the server and check from client. Logs shouldn't be necessary.

not sure exactly you need help with? editing a file, creating a file or what?

as i cannot see into you computer, for any command you run, need to post the command and output.

As I keep saying, files added in the server do not show up in the client.

This doesn’t concern editing the file or what program I’m using or VFS cache for that matter.

The commands that I’ve run so far are dead simple and don’t need to be debugged.

sorry, i thought you were trying to edit existing files.

two different things in play, rclone serve webdav and rclone mount.

if it was me, i would try to,
create a new file on that rclone serve webdav, without using rclone mount.

i did a quick test.

  1. i can create a new file on the rclone serve webdav and see it.
  2. i can create a file on the backend that the rclone serve webdav is pointing it to and see it on the rclone serve webdav

Well I did that. I thought it could be the rclone mount fessing up, but even listing it would not show until I restarted the rclone serve daemon.

It appears that this daemon isn’t picking up changes.

keep in mind that rclone serve and rclone mount, with some backends, to do not pick up changes immediately. some backends support polling, some do not.

a debug log would show for rclone serve webdav /home/ubuntu
INFO : Local file system at /home/ubuntu: poll-interval is not supported by this remote

by default, there is a five minute delay.
--dir-cache-time duration Time to cache directory entries for. (default 5m0s)