Rclone serve on a cache remote

Quick question more than anything else, is it still only possible to use simultaneous tasks on a cache remote by mounting as the primary task and serving the local path?

instead of rclone serve remote: I’d have to use rclone serve /path/to/mounted/remote right?

I assume it’s not in the design scope of the cache remote to ever be multi accessible from other rclone processes.

Thanks anyway

The database we used for cache (boltdb) doesn’t allow multi process read and write which means that you can only have one rclone process using it at once.

So your suggestion of serving the mount would be one workaround.

In theory rclone could both run a mount and serve something it is just there is no way to express that with command line parameters right now!

Yeah I imagine it wouldn’t be a bad plan to do it via rc, then you could adjust a mount to add a serve function without disrupting the mount.

rclone rc serve/http, though not seen how rc stuff handles flags yet!

I have a plan for a new set of RC commands which will let you control rclone completely. Starting a mount or serve would be one of the things you could do with it…

Something along the lines of starting rclone in a server mode where it idles until told to mount/serve/copy etc?

Yes exactly that.

I imagine something like rclone demon or something like that which would do nothing unless instructed by RC

Suggestions welcome for the name of the command! cli was my first idea but maybe demon is better