Rclone Serve - mount to directory?

Hey guys,

I’m currently running an rclone serve instance via a port mapping (a la --addr [port number here]) where I’m serving content from gDrive, however was curious if there’s a way to do this by mapping the serve to a directory rather than access via [domain].com:[port]?

My provider doesn’t allow root access for running a fuse instance, but allows for domain hosting if I create A Records and store my site in ~/www/[domain name here].com/

Ideally I’d like to be able to run rclone serve via ~/www/[domain name here].com/files/ which’ll purpetrate to [domainname].com/files/

Would such a thing possible?

It sounds like you want to use rclone mount to provide the contents of ~/www/[domain name here].com/ - is that right? That is how I provide beta.rclone.org which is actually stored on a swift object store.

You shouldn’t need root access for running rclone mount via FUSE.

I guess I wrote poorly;
What I meant to say was that FUSE isn’t installed/runnable/allowed whatsoever on the provider, so was looking for a potential workaround.

If you can’t run FUSE, then I don’t think there is any way you’ll get the files under that mountpoint without actually copying them there. That might be an option - I don’t know.

So I think you are probably stuck with rclone serve http