Rclone Secure Tunnel

I am wondering if the following scenario is supported:

  • I have a google drive and a microsoft onedrive account where I keep copies of my unencrypted data
  • I installed rclone on a remote node that I do not trust, and i plan on using it to keep my two drive accounts in sync
  • can rclone act as a some sort of secure tunnel between the two drive accounts, without leaving unencrypted data on the untrusted node?

And yes, I know I can encrypt the data itself, but this is very inconvenient as I access it frequently from all sorts of devices and web interfaces.

RClone does HTTPS for those communication so it's encrypted from one remote to another.

Thanks, so the host where rclone is running on never sees the unencrypted files?

"Sees" is a bit tough.

Traffic from the source to destination to the remote is encrypted.

If the person has admin access to the box, they can look at your rclone.conf which has keys and such in it.

It would be similar to browsing a HTTPS site and what a skilled admin can do to decrypt things depends on them if they have admin access and you are using the same box.

Understood. Allow me rephrase a bit, you're right, "sees" is a bit of a bad choice of word.

After rclone fetches the data from the remote source and syncs it to the remote destination, is there a local copy involved in this process? And if yes, does rclone delete it after the sync is done?

Nothing local.

If you copy using remote to remote (assuming no cache modes set), noting is stored locally.

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