Rclone script to run backup without need to type password


I did install rclone on my Synology NAS. My intention is to make a script run every X days, automatically, so the NAS can perform backups to the cloud constantly without me needing to run the commands myself.
I have 2 main concerns while implementing this:
1- I don’t want to leave my passwords unencrypted on the rclone config files, for security reasons. This means that rclone asks password for every command given. How can my script run every X days without the need for me to explicitly write a password in my script?
2 - If I configure the script to run X days, this might be problematic in case rclone still didn’t finish another previous backup. How to be sure that my script will only run rclone if another instance of rclone is not already running.

Hope someone can give me good insights on that.
Thanks for your attention!

The password is obfuscated in the config. But but really fully encrypted I don’t believe. I believe you’d have to trust the server it’s installed on at the moment.

You can assign a rc port and it won’t be able to start a near instance since that port is already taken by the process. Or you can script killing that process when the next one starts.

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