RClone "Reverse" Sync - Possible to delete files first?


"rclone sync local remote: uploads all new data an delete all files they are not available at local. right?

Is it possible to reverse the sync process to delete all files they are not local available first and than upload the missing files?

For what i wood like this:

When do “rclone size local” and “rclone size Remote:” the Result are maybe the same… but the sync runs weeks and upload new files… i can´t see why. I wood like to clean the Remote



Do you mean

  --delete-before                       When synchronizing, delete files on destination before transfering


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Yes, this the option i wood like to use… Thanks

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In addition to this is it possible to skip syncing

I want to delete files from the first union remote (ro) but sync to the second union (rw)

Source FTP0

Destination FTP1(ro)
Destination FTP2(rw)

FTP1 is read only union so when I start syncing I first want to make delete changes first so some thing like
rclone sync --delete-only FTP0: FTP1:
rclone sync --delete-only FTP0: FTP2:
rclone sync FTP0: union:


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