Rclone reuploads all do to owner of files changed?


I would like to ask if the rclone sync command does reuploaded files if the owner changed. Because I have experienced that my overnight backup with a crontab, moved most of my files into the trash. Later on i realized that I have done ah chown -R the day before. Is it possible that all files where the owner was changed got reuploaded?. Due to the GDrive daily limit, they didn't :frowning:.

Thanks for helping me out here.

It shouldn't care about the owner as long as they are the same size,chksum, date. Did anything else change with the owner change?

Not as far as I know. It was really strange to be honest. The thing is I also don't know how far the backup to Gdrive was due to daily limit, I have to upload several days so I got to the point where I was. But there has to be something wrong when only 100GB of 2 TB are on the "drive" and everything else is in the trash. I have to say I also added some files before I did change the owner, but rclone does not care about that, I don't know why this happened. Too bad :roll_eyes:

Does rclone have a log where I can look what happened, because the crontab did not send an email due to the mail was to large.

what is your rclone command?

if you used a log file --log-file, then you should be able to find it?

My command was
rclone --config /usr/share/rclone/rclone.conf sync -P /mnt/md0/ crypt:/sync/md0

So no log file am I right?
I will look if the crontab has written one, but I don't think so due to sending the mail failed, or i can try to find the mail, does anyone one where postfix stores mails that couldn't be sended?

keep in mind, that sync can and will result in loss of files.
" Important : Since this can cause data loss, test first with the --dry-run flag to see exactly what would be copied and deleted."

Yeah I know but from my point of understanding it should not delete any files wich haven't been changed. Don't understand me wrong here, I am not angry or so, I just want to find the problem wich is causing this. Because no data is lost really, only my backups, but normally backups should be available if needed. But now they aren't so I have to find the defect and fix it. So I can have backups.

sure, this is frustrating.

without a log with debug info, we are guessing after the fact.

i use rclone to sync my veeam backup files to cloud.
with sync i always use --backup-dir, as my cloud provider does not have trash.

Yeah the trash does not help here really due to I can't specifiy what is in the trash for delete or what was getting deleted and shouldn't. What does the backup dir command? Because i can only upload a half tb a day I think so the folder can't be uploded twice or how deos this work?

if a source file has changed,
then matching dest file is deleted.
then the source file is copied to dest.
if on the remote, there is no trash and no versioning, the dest file it lost forever

using --backup-dir, using sync,
the dest file that would have been deleted, is moved to the backup folder.

what i do is called forever forward incremental backup
each time rclone is run, any of those deleted dest files get moved into the current subfolder of archive.

rclone sync /mnt/md0/ crypt:/sync/md0/current --backup-dir=crypt:/sync/md0/archive/ date "+%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S"`

Oh this sounds great thanks.

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