Rclone & resilio sync docker not working

im trying to get resilio sync docker to work with my rclone mount using this:
rclone mount -v --vfs-cache-mode writes --stats 5s --allow-other --allow-non-empty gsuite: /home/…/…/gsuite
but when i try to add a folder from the mount the docker stops working when i Unmount the drive the docker starts working again ?!
any help ?

What’s the error you are seeing? Any logs to share?

how can i get the logs for rclone ?


–log-level DEBUG --log-file somelocation

when i add it nothing happens it does not mount ?!
rclone mount -v –log-level DEBUG --log-file somelocation --vfs-cache-mode writes --stats 5s --allow-other --allow-non-empty gsuite: /home/…/…/gsuite

Not actually the word some location, I mean put in a file path for your log file like “/home/username/rclone.log” or something like that.

Your mount folder seems a bit odd too as it has “…” in it. Where are you trying to mount it to?

no i removed some info for privacy reasons here is everything:
rclone mount -v –log-level DEBUG --log-file /home/test1/rclone.log --vfs-cache-mode writes --stats 5s --allow-other --allow-non-empty gsuite: /home/test1/media/gsuite

the log file is showing but it will not mount ?!

Can you please share the actual error message/logfile?

here is the log file:

You have to remove the first -v as that is being replaced with the --log-level

rclone mount –log-level DEBUG --log-file /home/test1/rclone.log --vfs-cache-mode writes --stats 5s --allow-other --allow-non-empty gsuite: /home/test1/media/gsuite

it still will not mount i’m doing something wrong?

It’s --log-level as there are two dashes in front of the command, you seem to have “–log-level” instead.

thank you for your patience with me i mounted it and here are the logs with the error :

What are you actually trying to do with the sync and the mount?

im trying to mount my gsuite drive with my server and use resilio to sync what i need not all of it to my local system, why ?

Troubleshooting a problem tends to work better when you can share/explain what you are trying to do. The simple “it’s not working” makes it really hard for folks that may know about the tools to help you get to an end state.

At this point, you have rclone working fine but from what you are saying the ‘docker stops working’. Not sure what what that means. Does is stop syncing? Does it create a log somewhere where you see it’s not working?

here are logs from the docker:

I don’t see anything broken in the logs for rclone or the docker. All normal messages.