Rclone release v1.34

After too long, I’ve released v1.34 today! Get it from http://rclone.org as always.

  • v1.34 - 2016-11-06
    • New Features
      • Stop single file and --files-from operations iterating through the source bucket.
      • Stop removing failed upload to cloud storage remotes
      • Make ContentType be preserved for cloud to cloud copies
      • Add support to toggle bandwidth limits via SIGUSR2 - thanks Marco Paganini
      • rclone check shows count of hashes that couldn’t be checked
      • rclone listremotes command
      • Support linux/arm64 build - thanks Fredrik Fornwall
      • Remove Authorization: lines from --dump-headers output
    • Bug Fixes
      • Ignore files with control characters in the names
      • Fix rclone move command
        • Delete src files which already existed in dst
        • Fix deletion of src file when dst file older
      • Fix rclone check on crypted file systems
      • Make failed uploads not count as “Transferred”
      • Make sure high level retries show with -q
      • Use a vendor directory with godep for repeatable builds
    • rclone mount - FUSE
      • Implement FUSE mount options
        • --no-modtime, --debug-fuse, --read-only, --allow-non-empty, --allow-root, --allow-other
        • --default-permissions, --write-back-cache, --max-read-ahead, --umask, --uid, --gid
      • Add --dir-cache-time to control caching of directory entries
      • Implement seek for files opened for read (useful for video players)
        • with -no-seek flag to disable
      • Fix crash on 32 bit ARM (alignment of 64 bit counter)
      • …and many more internal fixes and improvements!
    • Crypt
      • Don’t show encrypted password in configurator to stop confusion
    • Amazon Drive
      • New wait for upload option --acd-upload-wait-per-gb
        • upload timeouts scale by file size and can be disabled
      • Add 502 Bad Gateway to list of errors we retry
      • Fix overwriting a file with a zero length file
      • Fix ACD file size warning limit - thanks Felix Bünemann
    • Local
      • Unix: implement -x/--one-file-system to stay on a single file system
        • thanks Durval Menezes and Luiz Carlos Rumbelsperger Viana
      • Windows: ignore the symlink bit on files
      • Windows: Ignore directory based junction points
    • B2
      • Make sure each upload has at least one upload slot - fixes strange upload stats
      • Fix uploads when using crypt
      • Fix download of large files (sha1 mismatch)
      • Return error when we try to create a bucket which someone else owns
      • Update B2 docs with Data usage, and Crypt section - thanks Tomasz Mazur
    • S3
      • Command line and config file support for
        • Setting/overriding ACL - thanks Radek Senfeld
        • Setting storage class - thanks Asko Tamm
    • Drive
      • Make exponential backoff work exactly as per Google specification
      • add .epub, .odp and .tsv as export formats.
    • Swift
      • Don’t read metadata for directory marker objects

Hello @ncw,

Thank you for all your hard work!



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