Rclone release v1.33

This is an old release, but I’m putting it here as it is still the current release at time of writing.

Download it here: http://rclone.org/downloads/

  • v1.33 - 2016-08-24
    • New Features
      • Implement encryption
        • data encrypted in NACL secretbox format
        • with optional file name encryption
      • New commands
        • rclone mount - implements FUSE mounting of remotes (EXPERIMENTAL)
          • works on Linux, FreeBSD and OS X (need testers for the last 2!)
        • rclone cat - outputs remote file or files to the terminal
        • rclone genautocomplete - command to make a bash completion script for rclone
      • Editing a remote using rclone config now goes through the wizard
      • Compile with go 1.7 - this fixes rclone on macOS Sierra and on 386 processors
      • Use cobra for sub commands and docs generation
    • drive
      • Document how to make your own client_id
    • s3
      • User-configurable Amazon S3 ACL (thanks Radek Šenfeld)
    • b2
      • Fix stats accounting for upload - no more jumping to 100% done
      • On cleanup delete hide marker if it is the current file
      • New B2 API endpoint (thanks Per Cederberg)
      • Set maximum backoff to 5 Minutes
    • onedrive
      • Fix URL escaping in file names - eg uploading files with + in them.
    • amazon cloud drive
      • Fix token expiry during large uploads
      • Work around 408 REQUEST_TIMEOUT and 504 GATEWAY_TIMEOUT errors
    • local
      • Fix filenames with invalid UTF-8 not being uploaded
      • Fix problem with some UTF-8 characters on OS X
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Nice update , I am Using the encryption and mount works well .

runs great under linux as systemctl service

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