Rclone @ QNAP: Can´t see the content with mount option

I´m using the Rclone app for QNAP NAS:

I´m running the next version of Rclone on it:
[~] # rclone -V
rclone v1.42
- os/arch: linux/amd64
- go version: go1.10.1

And this is the firmware version of my QNAP NAS: build 20180810
Linux 4.2.8 #1 SMP Fri Aug 10 01:18:54 CST 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I have created three remotes:
[~] # rclone listremotes

And, I´m using the mount option with the remote “secret:” to map it on a specific location… with this command:
rclone mount secret:MM /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Multimedia/MM --allow-non-empty &

The prompt gives me the PID of the process but… I can´t see the folders and files in my location under: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Multimedia/MM

I must say that I was able to do that a month ago more or less… so, I don´t know where should be the problem.

In fact, If I write:
[~] # rclone lsd secret:

I can see the content of it…

      -1 2018-06-05 00:33:26        -1 Local Backup 1
      -1 2018-06-04 18:46:33        -1 music
      -1 2018-06-06 07:41:27        -1 video

Could you help me?

How are you checking you can see the files? Can you see them with ls on the command line immediately after you’ve started the mount?

well… I mean that I can see the files if i write:
rclone ls secret:

I can see all the files stored (in plain text) of the secret remote. But, if I check the files after the mount command… I can´t see nothing at all. Checked by these three ways…
1.- From command line through SSH (Putty):
[~] # cd /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Multimedia/MM
[/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Multimedia/MM] # ls -la
total 0
2.- From WinSCP
3.- From File Station QNAP´s File Explorer

In all cases is the same… 0 files.

Can you check the mount is running in the process list?

Do you see it when you run the mount command - can you paste the output of that?

Try killing off the old one and run it without the & to see if it logs anything.

Hi Nick,
sorry for the late reply,… I´ve been away from home till today. I´ve restarted the NAS and started from the begining… This is the sequence:

[~] # rclone config file
Configuration file doesn't exist, but rclone will use this path:
cp -p /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/RClone/rclone.conf /root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf
[~] # rclone config file
Configuration file is stored at:
[~] # rclone mount secret:MM /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/cloud --allow-non-empty

It doesn´t show nothing after that… of course prompt is not showed because the command is still on going.

If I open a new terminal and type:

[~] # cd /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/cloud
[/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/cloud] # ls -la
total 0

If I check the mount process… I think it´s there:

[/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/cloud] # ps aux |grep -i mount
 3590 admin       792 S N /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/HD_Station/opt/nas_bin/hdsfusemnt /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/HD_Station/share --mount_type hds
11161 admin     24444 S   python -m clouddrive.mount start --mountpoint /mnt/rf/cd
13688 admin     20652 S   rclone mount secret:MM /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/cloud --allow-non-empty
14634 admin      1020 R   grep -i mount
27870 admin       228 S   /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/CodexPack/fuse/hdsfusemnt /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/CodexPack/share --mount_type cdx
[/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/cloud] #

and of course rclone process is running also…

[/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/cloud] # ps aux |grep -i rclone
13688 admin     19980 S   rclone mount secret:MM /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/cloud --allow-non-empty
27977 admin      1016 S   grep -i rclone

If you need anything else just let me know.
Thanks and best regards

Could you try

rclone mount secret: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/cloud --allow-non-empty

And see if that helps?

Yes, that helps, and now I´m aware of my error…

If you remember, when I wrote in my previous post:

I was able to see the content of the remote “secret” but, as you can see, there is´nt any folder called MM.

This is because secret is the remote encrypted of another remote called GDrive:MM

I was writting the command without remembering that MM was included in the remote secret :open_mouth:

You drive me in the good direction to view my mistake clear now… Sorry for the time spent in my case to be at the end a newbie issue.

Thanks a lot for your help.

I thought that might be the error, but I wasn’t completely sure!

Glad we got it working :smiley: