Rclone Proxmox + Gdrive Error 400: invalid_request

Hello I have proxmox 7.2.11 and last rclone installaed,
but I have problem for validate gdrive account
this is my rclone version:

root@pve:~# rclone --version
rclone v1.53.3-DEV
- os/arch: linux/amd64
- go version: go1.15.9

I installaed bt command:
sudo apt install rclone

but thi is the last release which was found

what can I do?

Hi Wifi75,

First thing is to upgrade to the latest version, that version is really old. You find the latest version here Rclone downloads

If still having the issue, then please also post the redacted output of rclone config show yourRemote:

hello I have update to Release v1.59.2

the problem is that with proxmox I don't have a browser, during the configuration it asks me to open the link on the browser, what can I do?

impossible to do if I'm only with terminal

Do you have a web browser on the machine you are using to write your forum posts?

Did you read the additional help information?

this procedure not working,
and after send N command to auto config show me different command, like setup guide: (Remote Setup)

I guess your are trying
and not
https://rclone.org/remote_setup/#configuring-by-copying-the-config-file or


What happens when you perform the rclone authorize "drive" "..." on the machine you are using to write your forum posts?

rclone i installed it on a proxmox server, my local pc is windows but i have not installed anything on my windows pc!

From the first line of the text in your screen dump:

For this to work, you will need rclone available on a machine that has a web browser available.

So you need to have rclone on your Windows pc (or some other pc with a web browser) to get the token for your proxmox server. You can download it from here: Rclone downloads

however, it is nowhere written that a copy was installed on a pc on browser.
I installed a vm with ubuntu desktop but the error is the same,

What do you mean?

How do you understand this: "Affinché funzioni, avrai bisogno di rclone su una macchina con un browser web disponibile"?

There seems to be an issue with your own Client ID. I suggest we first get your proxmox running with the default rclone Client ID and then fix your own Client ID next.

Try removing the client_id and client_secret from your config
then redo the entire authorization flow 1) starting on proxmox, 2) authorizing on your ubunto desktop and then 3) completing/pasting the token to your proxmox

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