Rclone - preserve timestamps of files/folders


I am attempting to use rclone to sync NVR video files from a Ubiquiti NVR to a Wasabi bucket. I am using the following command:

rclone sync /srv/unifi-video/videos wasabi:my-bucket -v

The files & folders sync to my Wasabi bucket just as they should and all seems to be well except the Last Modified date in my Wasabi bucket for all files and folders shows the date/time of the rclone sync rather than the date/time the actual files were created on the source server.

Is there a work around for this?


Are you looking in the web interface to see the last modified? If so that is what I’d expect.

However if you do rclone lsl wasabi:my-bucket you should see the correct modification times - rclone stores this in some metadata on each object.