Rclone + plex + gdrive. Can someone help me sort this out once and for all?

I've been trying for 2 straight days now to get the best configuration possible. I've read all the basic and necessary stuff and I've got it to run with a basic configuration.

My questions are these:

  1. I've created my remote (Gdrive) and I didn't want vfs because i don't have a lot of space on my pc so I just used

rclone mount gdrive: g:

And added directly the G:/Movies/ directory directly on my plex library. Surprisingly I was able to stream a 1080 remux movie (21 GB) without any problems. Is there a better configuration for this?

  1. I've read that if you don't use a cache wrapper, you can get banned from too many API requests from plex.
    What are the exact steps to do here? Should I create a gcache, point it at my gdrive, enter the plex credentials and than mount gcache only? Not gdrive? Should I use the gcache directory for the plex library instead of gdrive? Is there a good configuration when mounting gcache? I don't have a high upload speed.

  2. I don't want to use an encryption since my upload is not so good. Should I be worried if I use the library just for me?

  3. When I use the rclone copy or rclone move should I copy to gdrive or gcache?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

The defaults are pretty good so I wouldn't stray too far from that.

I think that is old info now - I don't think the cache is needed.


Copying to gdrive not via the mount is recommended for maximum reliability. If you are using cache then you'd want to copy via the cache.

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really, no need for cache backend.
"There are many docs online describing the use of the cache backend to minimize API hits and by-and-large these are out of date and the cache backend isn't needed in those scenarios any more"

who are you going to believe :upside_down_face:
rclone or redditt?

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