Rclone + plex + Daily quota

Hi, pretty new to this so bare with me, I currently have my google drive mounted via rclone and then am using plex to stream my media from it.

my question is if i upload say.. 700GB out of my 750GB daily quota to my google drive would i then be able to stream a few 4K movies from plex that total roughly 200GB, am i correct in thinking that would then exceed my daily quota of 750GB? resulting in an api ban? or does streaming via plex with a mounted google drive not count towards my gdrive upload atall?

Would appreciate if someone could clear it up for me, i'm pretty new to all of this.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The usual quotas are
upload : 750GB pr 24 hrs.
download : 10TB pr 24 hrs.

In other words, downloading is practically free-use and you don't have to worry about it because you probably can't even manage to hit that limit if you tried. If you hit the upload limit it also won't stop you from reading data - just can't upload more for a while. This is not a "ban" as people mistakenly call it. It's just a limit. Hitting your quota isn't illegal or anything.

The API has nothing to do with the quota limit on data.
The API is about "requests-pr-second", so the amount of operations you do, not the amount of data being transfered. You can transfer a lot of data with very few API commands, or transfer little/no data with a ton of API commands depending on what you do. There is no real correlation between these.

API limit is 1000 calls pr 100 seconds.
And the daily limit is ... 10million pr day or something? Too much for one user in nay case

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