Rclone (own) cloud

Looking for solution how to
on master server

  • make a mount to one of the cloud solutions ( acd, gdrive etc… ) which have encrypted
  • make mount with unencrypted cloud content
  • behave as cloud provider with encrypted drive

mount unencrypted drive from master server ( with read only )

For my particular case the idea is to allow people to setup their own plex servers that are connected to my library without giving them direct API access to my drive and as well encryption key etc…

Do the clients run on the same server or a different server?

If the same server then you can do this with --allow-other on the rclone mount.

If a different server then you would need to export the rclone mount, maybe with NFS or samba.

This will be difficult over the internet. It is easy to make a mount. But how would you share it out so that plex users can access it? This is a plex limitation. Plex server likes local file systems which means you’re limited to NFS or SMB. Those are pretty insecure and not great with latency involved which means you’d need to wrap one of those over ssh and I think you won’t be happy with the performance.

This is all a plex limitation though. I do similar to what you are asking for but I use a better streaming medium. I use a nginx https server to share out my data. I use KODI which allows https sources though. People simple add the https source to their kodi installations and its done.

Thinking a bit further. If rclone supported 1) webdav(s) then you could mount the https. I think there is a issue for that OR if rclone ran a daemon mode where rclone could connect to rclone then you could also use that path to share. I think I also saw an issue for that.

Yea i was thinking about rclone running as daemon so you could just add new rclone remote that connects on rclone daemon.