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Processes rclone Status Sleeping how to fix.


/usr/bin/rclone mount --config "/volume1/rclone/rclone.conf" --allow-other --allow-non-empty --read-only --buffer-size 1G --dir-cache-time 96h --gid 1000 --gid 1000 -vv --timeout 1h --log-file "/volume1/rclone/log/rclone-mount.log" Encrypt_TD1: /volume1/gdrive/TD1

This seems more like a question about the task-manager of XPEnology (of which I have no expierence unfortunately) than about rclone. It may be more fruitful to ask in a XPEnology-spesific forum about this.
I don't see anything obviously wrong with your rclone command.

I would of course verify that the same command runs fine if you run it directly from a terminal window, but assuming it does, then everything should be ok on rclone's side of things.

I assume this system is Linux based, so would an acceptable alternative perhaps be to run it as a system service? That might sidestep the issue by not relying on whatever task-manager that is. That's how it's typically done by the veterans here - both on Linux and Windows systems. For Linux examples go see if you can find Animosity022's topic where he shares "recommended settings" and all his scripts.

Sleeping is probably OK if rclone is not doing anything right then. What makes you think it is broken?

My log rclone mount on xpenology how to fix.

2019/09/26 17:52:48 INFO  : Google drive root 'My Documents': Failed to get StartPageToken: Get https://www.googleapis.com/drive/v3/changes/startPageToken?alt=json&prettyPrint=false&supportsAllDrives=true: stream error: stream ID 1131; INTERNAL_ERROR

Sleeping is a very normal process state that happens on Linux all the time. It just means there is nothing requested from the CPU and it is just waiting.

The error you listed in the logs is one returned by Google's API and looks like it retried and progressed on.

That would happen if there are some API issues on Google's side.

What version of rclone are running?

Here an example from my system:

felix    28469  2353  0 07:22 pts/1    00:00:00 grep --color=auto rclone
[felix@gemini Tautulli]$ cat /proc/1167/status
Name:	rclone
Umask:	0022
State:	S (sleeping)

rclone running version:


Probably want to be the latest stable rather than a beta version. I'd just upgrade to the latest and monitor. The internal errors are from Google's API having an issue so not much to do with them.

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Just as a general rule - when looking through a debug log it is perfectly normal to have some errors as an API is not 100% reliable and there are quotas and load-balancing and such at work on google's side of the system.

These are usually not critical errors and are most often solved by simply repeating the instruction a few times until it works.

Unless it shows up as an [ERROR] type of line, then it's usually not something that you have to worry too much about. Don't stare yourself blind in debug trying to make it looks perfect - that will never happen in normal operation and that's perfectly ok :slight_smile:

I downgrade rclone beta to latest stable mount working on xpenology.
Thank you very much.

1080p emby streaming no problem.
4k emby streaming delay. :sob:

Thanks for the help. :grin:

I'd guess you are probably transcoding and that makes it slow. Not enough information though to figure that out.

We can probably help you fix that, but we need a lot more info than "it doesn't work well" :smiley:
Google Drive certainly does not have a general issue about streaming-delays in newer versions, so this is a quirk or setting we need to figure out. It usually has more to do with how your software works. Both me and Animosity stream from Google Drives (him to a much larger degree as a big Plex user).

Running an old version on purpose is very rarely helpful - especially not in the long run.

(you may want to make a separate topic on this since it is pretty unrelated to the original topic)

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