Rclone on windows XP 32 bit


i have a win xp 32 bit. Configured the rclone with onedrive business and started a copy command.
Got the following error. Any chance that could be fixed?


not sure we can call this a bug.

rclone is written in go lang and rclone v1.51.0 is using go lang version 1.13.7
that version of go lang does not support windows xp

The fix would be to upgrade your OS as the current versions are not supported on that. You can try to use a very, very, very old version and see if that works for you.

where it is written that is not supported win xp? winxp is supported by go :slightly_smiling_face:

Right here:

You can use rclone v1.42 on Windows XP as it was compiled with go1.10. If you want a newer rclone than that you'll have to compile it for yourself with go1.10. Rclone 1.50 should compile with go1.10 I think.

thanks. will try and let you know

it does not work even the 1.42
Anyway, i think i will find another solution because i can't even upgrade that server.

Is it XP SP3? You might have to try yet older versions.

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