Rclone on seedbox + GDrive + local sonarr/radarr

I'm not 100% sure if this is right place to ask since it's going to be a very specific question about a broad set of programs. I have a homeserver on which I run Sonarr & Radarr. I have a seedbox which gets fed by those and currently S&R download completed files to my homeserver.

My homeserver however is getting full. And since local storage is far from cheap in my opinion, i've been looking at using a Gdrive. My internet at home is a 200/20 line. (Mbit). Downloading is fine, uploading however is pretty slow.

I've been looking for a solution which provides me with the following scenario:

I get to keep my sonarr & radarr installs on my homeserver. (I don't really want to buy a vps/dedi since the homeserver is quite beefy).
I still use the seedbox to download.
I connect my Gdrive to my seedbox (Already done with rclone + cache + crypt)
When a download is finished, I'd love for Sonarr/Radarr to move the data to the Gdrive, WITHOUT having to download it on the homeserver and reupload it to gdrive again.

Hoping someone can tell me if this is even possible or has any input.


You'd have to use something to mount the local and the remote like sshfs or something to allow the local box to do a move on the seedbox I think.

Are you Windows or Linux based?

Is there a reason that Sonarr/Radarr can't be on the seedbox?

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Currently Windows, but wouldn't mind swapping over.
Personal preference to keep the Sonarr/Radarr at home.

I use a 3rd party app which mounts the 'root' of the seedbox as a local drive in Windows by using SFTP.
I'll try out sshfs,though I think i'll end up with the same result as the current SFTP mount.

When radarr tries to move the file, it does create the directory nicely in the gdrive.
However, then it starts downloading the file, and when it's done the file located in the gdrive ends up being 0kb.

Oh right, it would do that if you had the mount that way. Sorry as I didn't think that through all the way.

I guess another theory might be to have the completed folder be on your GD and that way if you had it mounted locally, it would do a server move to rename the completed file rather than uploading it.

That may work.

So I made rtorrent move the file on completion to the GD drive.
Locally, I mapped the GD drive to T:
T:\movies is the destination path, T:\dowload is the source.
Whenever I have sonarr import it, it still downloads the entire thing and I end up with a 0kb file in the destination path...

I noticed however that If I cut/paste in explorer instead of copy/paste. It follows the normal windows behaviour and moves without downloading. Now to find a way to make sonarr/radarr move instead of copying..

Hmm. I think Sonarr/Radarr only does copy or hardlink, which neither will meet your needs as the copy is doing what you are seeing and hardlinks are not currently supported with rclone.

Hmm. Wonder if someone else has a different idea.

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Yeah, curious to see if anyone else has a different idea.
Perhaps through connect -> custom script I could launch a script which does the move for me. By using a simple cmd "Move T:\xxx T:\xxx" it seems to work just fine.

Or else if the solution is not clean enough, get a tiny gbit vps.. install openvpn on it and link it to home.
Provide it with sonarr/radarr/rtorrent/rclone and have that do all the magic.

So a small update for anyone who would ever find himself in the same situation.
I've opened a Tadarr feature request as the 'Move' Radarr does seems to be a copy & delete.
This makes my home server download the file and re-upload it. If I just execute a script it works perfectly.
Only thing being is that the script gets executed after Radarr downloads and uploads the file.

So this seems to be something a bit more suited for Radarr/Sonarr discussion as the rclone I currently use does what it's supposed to do.

In my experience both of those softwares do move files inside a common parent folder, at least in Linux, and I think the issue you have can be solved if your local server had Completed Download Handling disabled (since you are running Windows and file paths are different) and you use drone factory instead. Drone factory will monitor the completed folder for new content and will move it to the other folders. Ideally though the *darr software should be local to the content

I'm not fond of using Drone Factory tho as I believe it will be removed in v3 of both softwares.

Currently I've got a VPS with sonarr & radarr installed which does the move from seedbox to gdrive. Seedbox is mapped with sshfs, the gdrive with rclone. It still does a transfer as I can see bandwith flowing, but at least it's not my home traffic. Not the ideal setup yet, but it's working for now.

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