Rclone on Playstation 4

hello, in your opinion, is it possible to mount rclone on the Playstation 4 to show him the games loaded on gdrive?


when you posted there was a template of quesions, those answers help us to help you.

Sorry, I thought the question was clear :sweat_smile:

Has anyone tried?

Not as far as I know!


yes, I had read, but I did not understand the procedure and which programs to use to give that command .. and above all how to run rclone on the ps4

I feel pretty confident to say there isn't going to be any command anyone here can give you that's going to run rclone on a PS4.

You need fuse to mount and that doesn't exist on a PS4.

so it CANNOT be done?

Did you read that post?

That post talks about making a byte level copy of a PS4 and upload the copy to the cloud.

You are asking to mount a google drive via rclone to a PS4.

Those are two different questions and not related other than they have the word PS4 in both of them.

Again, PS4 has no access to any fuse libraries as it's a closed ecosystem so you'll not find a way to do it here.

Yes I read, but maybe with google translate I missed something ... I realized that he wanted to do the same thing I want to do, that is to load the games on gdrive and through rclone to be able to install them on the PS4 as if it were a local folder

That's not what your linked post is asking.

In the end, the answer is no. Best to move on.

Then I didn't understand anything, sorry

Concretely, there are two different things:

  • Moving your PS4's hard drive out of the console and plugging it into your computer to back it up on the web (which is possible) ;

  • Running RClone directly on your PS4 to do whatever you want (which isn't possible)

Hope that's clearer :slight_smile:

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