Rclone on Android users, how do you manage your scripts?

Since I started using the "Rclone Remount v1.8" (https://github.com/Magisk-Modules-Repo/com.piyushgarg.rclone ) it has been a total game changer as to what I can do with rclone on Android.

For others who use Rclone with Android, how do you manage your scripts?

For example, when I want to run an rclone sync command I need to do the following:

  1. Open a file manager app.
  2. Navigate to a folder containing text files with rclone scripts.
  3. Open the text file containing the script.
  4. Copy the command the the clip board.
  5. Close the text file.
  6. Open the terminal app.
  7. Paste the script and execute

Surely there must be a better way? Ideally I would have a folder with all my scripts and I could tap on the script file and it would open the terminal (or not) and run the script. Is something like this possible on Android?

How do other Android rclone users structure their workflows?

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That is very useful!

Being old school, I use Termux to write shell scripts. I automate these with Tasker with the Tasker Termux plugin

So, for example, when I plug my phone in and it is on wifi, I do a backup with rclone.

I'm pretty sure you can build UI like that with Tasker, so you could build a button which runs a script in Termux to do something.

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Ah yes, I have looked at Tasker in the past and it is quite useful. I am currently trying to support as many OSS projects as possible. After this post I did some additional research and I found Easer on F-droid it it looks similar, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


i haven't automated anything yet, but isn't termux able to do everything ok its own?

i just couldn't use mount yet, thanks to no fuse support, for whatever that means.


thanks for this too!

are you using a rooted android?

i care too much against such painfully unmaintained flashing process, so no root for me! (until my next "fair" phone)

also, still looking for some way to see du on my google drive. that's the whole point why i got here + for future reference years from now, if you stumble on this, you might find good solutions by digging up my quest :kissing_heart:


In theory, yes, but I couldn't get the termux automation to work, so I used Tasker which I already had purchased.

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