Rclone on android - termux


I’ve been trying to get rclone to work on Android with Termux, following the instructions given on the wiki page.

Everything is ok until the last step when I type “./go/bin/rclone version”. It appears a message saying “bash: .go/bin/rclone: No such file or directory”.

Can someone help me to fix this problem?
Thank you all!

Can you show the log of the output/steps prior?

Just as a warning, mount won’t work without fuse.

Sorry I couldn’t put it here, so I put it on paste bin. Here is the link: https://pastebin.com/DP6nYcF1

Thank you!

Try ls, you will find a folder ‘go’.

Then cd go/bin/
chmod +x rclone
. /rclone - V

I get this:

$ ls
$ cd go/bin
$ chmod +x rclone
$ ./rclone -V
rclone v1.40-DEV

  • os/arch: android/arm64
  • go version: go1.10

I guess it worked! :slight_smile: