Rclone obscure password

I want to share my encrypted drive, how hard would it be to someone to decrypt it?

Are you giving them the password to it?

Short version: nearly impossible without the password

The password that its on the .config

password = wzXzYECP5NJrZGCBTVBWp8Lquq9oWh7ZnLpEqUndS8lnbdEv5KXxfuy7peXSh87bkAb4

I have to admit, I'm not following.

If the person has the password, they can decrypt files.

What are you expecting to happen?

I want to know if the real password can be decrypted easy. Because it its to share my drive and I used the password I use on my others accounts

So you want to know if someone who has the password can reverse it to figure out what it is?

I think this answers your question.

How to retrieve a 'crypt' password from a config file - Help and Support - rclone forum

Thanks, thats what I was looking

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