Rclone not seeing all files

ive used rclone to copy move everything to gdrive now when i mount it on my server i have loads of stuff not seen ive tried a few builds of rclone with the same issue and really has me scratching my head now i can see all the files in my gdrive but looking in the mounted then i have only part of what im trying to get

What are you using to “see” it?

the image on the right is of rclone mount ive tried rclone copy rclone sync and all it ever does is bring them folders shown in the mount really has me baffled out of 2000 series ive 30 ish with this error

Which is done how? Can you share what your mount is?

rclone mount --allow-other --buffer-size= 4G tdrive: M:

as mentioned though even rclone copy skips them to of which i use

rclone -v copy tdrive:/tv F:/TV

Can you run the one copy with a “-vv” on it and see what the debug logs look like when it copies that bad one?

ok will do a small update if i do rclone -v copy tdrive:/tv/ballers F:/TV it copies it all over fine

Make sure to -vv (2 of them).

ok i got the same it just saw the same season 2 3 4 running it forced on the ballers folder it downloaded the full copy and then inspection again of my team drive second ballers folder had appeared one with all seasons in and 1 with just the 3 removing the part folder and running debug again this time it sees all the seasons and says no change.

so really strange one i don’t know what happened there at all