Rclone noob in need of help

first my level in linux and rclone = Total Noob.

i have set up 2 remotes so far

gcache - Cache
gdrive - drive

gdrive links to a team drive ( Unlimited space )
on the drive there is a folder called Data
but cant seem to get rclone to mount to this gdrive

think i have made an error som how.
since the /mnt/gdrive links to my personal 15GB gdrive

how do i change that ?

What did you try? Can you post the command line?

well i wrote seedhost, and they removed the mnt that dident work.. yaaaay

so now i can start over mounting.. now i just need to figure out how :slight_smile:

okay so i tryed the following

rclone mount -v --allow-other --gid 33 --umask 0027 --dir-cache-time 300h --poll-interval 5m --allow-non-empty gdrive: /mnt/gdrive
2019/07/03 05:32:07 Fatal error: failed to mount FUSE fs: mountpoint does not exist: /mnt/gdrive

så how do i set a mountpoint?

just tryed

/bin/mkdir /mnt/gdrive

/bin/fusermount -u /mnt/gdrive

but no luck

If you have a seedbox, generally you won't have root permissions, which may result in you being unable to mount or create folder in the /mnt. It could also be that someone else is already using the same mount point.

Can't you just use a folder in your home directory for the same?

might be, how to do that?

Just change the /mnt/gdrive part to /home/<username>/gdrive, if /home/<username> is your $HOME directory

You can check your $HOME directory from the shell using: echo $HOME


okay so i made dir in /home/user/Mount/gdrive

Does the mount work now?

i got that mount to work via "rclone mount --allow-non-empty --cache-db-purge gcache: ~/mnt/gdrive"
i made 2 of them. gcache2 and gdrive2
så i kan uploade som 2 accounts at the samme time.

but today i got another issue.
thinks uploaded from gdrive is not always showing on gdrive2 ( folders are just empty )

scanning folder shows 3TiB on gdrive but only 2TiB on gdrive2

how is this and how to fix it.?

I would ever use allow-non-empty as it allows for over mounting/multiple daemons and hiding things. Generally, it shouldn't be used.

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okay thanks :slight_smile:

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