Rclone NFS local share

I’m trying to use rclone on my linux mint PC to copy data from google to my local NAS with NFS share.

Does anyone know what the command should look like when connecting to a network mount like this?

Should I just install rclone on the synology NAS? I didn’t want to.

Why don’t you simply add your google account in cloud sync and add a new Task (downloading) in Cloud Sync to make the Synology dwnloading everything ?

Edit : I supposed it’s a Synology NAS but i think other brand have a app that allow Cloud Sync both ways

First mount your NAS NFS share to a local empty directory on your Linux mint PC.
After that you should be able to access the NFS share in than directory.
Then just rclone into that directory in the same way as using rclone in any other directory.

How to mount NFS share:
You may need to install the needed NFS packages in mint (the guide is for Arch Linux but I could not find any good guides for mint). I guess ubuntu is identical to mint so maybe you can search for ubuntu nfs mount.

Edit: You can use the ip address of your NAS as server name or add the NAS name and ip in your /etc/hosts file if you want an easier name to remember.

Just ssh into the NAS, install rclone and run it directly on the NAS. Works a treat.