Rclone move/moveto remote to remote

I have Google Drive setup for rclone (as gdrive:/)

I wish to move all files in a gdrive folder (gdrive:/sourcefolder/a.doc … etc) to a destination folder in also gdrive (gdrive:/destfolder/)

target folder does not contain any files.

The command i used/tried to use was:

rclone move -v gdrive:/sourcefolder/** gdrive:/destfolder/
rclone move -v gdrive:/sourcefolder/** gdrive:/destfolder
rclone move -v gdrive:/sourcefolder/* gdrive:/destfolder/
rclone move -v gdrive:/sourcefolder/* gdrive:/destfolder

rclone keeps reporting that gdrive:/destfolder" does not exist, while i am sure it does.

Did I do something wrong?

Try without the *
rclone move -v gdrive:/sourcefolder gdrive:/destfolder --dry-run

Excellent, works like a charm, thanks.