Rclone move limit GB per day

My isp allows me to download unlimited data but wants to limit how much i upload every day. As soon as i upload more than 30gb a day i will get pretty scary letters that they will investigate, limit my up and down speed. Since i have 320mbps down and 50mbps up, rclone move pass that 30gb/day limit easily and in result my up/down limit severely.

How can i make sure rclone move only 30gb everyday without limiting the speed via bwlimit?
I dont see any command line choice that can help me?

Currently the NAS upload 30gb of data thst i choose manually everyday abd after few hours it goes to sleep after finishing upload. I want to preserve the ability to make yhe NAS sleep to save electricity and my whole workflow is automated to wake up the NAS when it needs to serve movie via plex or download /upload movie.

There isn’t at the moment I’m afraid.

30GB a day would correspond to --bwlimit 364k which is ~3Mbit/s.

You might find this issue interesting https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/1655 - when that is implemented you could set --max-upload 30G and rclone will stop after uploading 30G of data.

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