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good day, I have 102715 files, they are all in one folder, I want to sort them with rclone move, but I am waiting for your help, with 16 6400 folders.

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this will move all files with file extension .txt
rclone move remote:folder remote:newfolder --include='*.txt' -vv --dry-run

if you need addtional help, please explain in detail, what you need help with.

Ok, I want it to carry it in pieces, here's the 6400, for example, I wonder how to write a code for it.

or can we sort it, like take a 400 tb folder and send it in between

  1. get a list of all files
    rclone lsf remote:folder --absolute > files.lst
  2. use any tool to sort/cut/split
  3. feed the list(s) back to run
    rclone move remote:folder remote:newfolder --files-from=files.txt -vv --dry-run

rclone move drive2:/ drive2:1/ --drive-server-side-across-configs -P

how can i give a command from this 400 tb just get these

so far, i offered two ways

sorry, still not sure exactly what you need help with.
if english is not your native language, perhaps use google translate.

I'm using it now I have .tx 102715 files I want to move them to 16 folder creation job 6400 tx but how can I auto do it take so many tx files and move them here

the name of the folder is "16 folder creation job 6400 tx"?

can you post a real-world example of what you need?

On Linux/MacOS I would do something like this:

# list all files and save to file
rclone lsf --files-only remote:source > files

# split files into 6400 long smaller groups - it will create files x00 to x15 with groups of 6400 files each
split -d -l 6400 files

# now move every group where you want, e.g. for first group from x00 file:
rclone move --files-from-raw x00 remote:source remote:destinationForX00 

And if you would like to dig a bit deeper and understand every step in details read:

rclone lsf

linux split command

rclone move

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