Rclone move --check-first --order-by modtime,ascending no perfect delete ordering if files already in remote backend

rclone is an excellent tool that we use. but we are in need of a little urgent adjustment. I will explain below:

example: the files with its created time

local | remote
file16h | flle16h
file17h | file17h
file18h | 
file19h | 
file20h | file20h

command used: rclone move --check-first --order-by modtime,ascending

the files with created time 18h and 19h that are not in the remote backend yet will be copied respectind the --check-first and the --order-by modtime,ascending is applied perfectly.

the files with created time 16h, 17h and 20h that are ALREADY in the remote backend will just be deleted and are not respecting the perfect ordering. The file created after (file17h) can be deleted first than file before (file16h). file20h can be deleted before everybody.

We use this command with --max-delete and lot of files. So the files that should be deleted first are the oldest ones.

The files should be moved as follows whether or not they already exist in remote backend: file16h > file17h > file18h > file19h > file20h

We write a code bellow that could help. What would be the best way to try to improve this?

any way to work on it?

I've implemented the basic idea from the code above but I re-wrote it as I thought of a way of doing it much more neatly. I've fixed the transfer stats, made tests and written docs too :slight_smile:

Please give this a go

v1.62.0-beta.6784.3b28ea0ba.fix-6033-delete-perfect-ordering on branch fix-6033-delete-perfect-ordering (uploaded in 15-30 mins)

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