Rclone mounting - Can I alter part of a file, or full upload is needed?

Hey guys, I’m trying to alter some properties of a MKV file (changing track order, default subtitle/audio track, maybe deleting or adding some tracks).

Some tools from mkvtoolnix can do this directly in the file, without needing to remux it.

I was wondering if this applies to a mounted Gdrive. Can the files on the Drive be altered using this minimal bandwidth, or they necessarily need to be fully reuploaded, since now they’re a bit different after this procedure?

e.g.: When I try to use mkvpropedit on a mkv file in my mounted drive, the procedure fails and I get this on the cmd window where rclone is running: “WriteFileHandle: ReadAt: Can’t read and write to file without cache”. I tried this with a cached remote too, but the result was the same.

Alas no - you can’t modify an uploaded file on any of the cloud storage systems.

That error message is from an old rclone. If you upgrade to 1.41 and use the --vfs-cache-mode writes option, it will work. However it will effectively download, modify and re-upload the file.

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I see, thanks for explaining it.

Edit: tested it with the suggested command and it worked as you said. The file was fully reuploaded it seems.

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