Rclone mount with copy

I am missing sonarr and radarr and dl to another directory but would like to set up my byte sized hosting to grab the new files from a sonarr/radarr do to be moved to my gdrive automatically. I have 1.5 TB on my seedbox but would like to get these moved over. Are there arguments that can be added to the rclone mount cache command? Thanks!

I see other people have this same question but no one has assisted. Any help is appreciated!

If you have a mount, you can copy to that mount if you want.

If you have another storage spot, you can use rclone copy or rclone move to get things to your cloud storage.

Can you have a terminal session with one for mount and another for copy going at the same time? Wasn’t sure if you could do both simultaneously

i guess you can so i should’ve tried. Thanks!

I run my mount as a service so it just runs in the background.

Once that mount is there, as you saw, you can copy, delete, move, etc like you would on any other mount.