Rclone mount while transferring pending files

I often run in to the problem where I use rclone mount with cached pending file uploads. In this case the mount will not complete until all pending files are uploaded. In my case this can often take hours with a slow remote and a lot of files.

Is there a way to start rclone and let the file uploads process in the background without blocking the mount?

Unfortunately this is how it works now.

If you want to move/copy a lot of files it's better to use rclone copy and write to the remote rather than the mount.

That isn't 'how it works'. Pending uploads do not stop the mount from starting.

If you fill out the fill template and share a log, we can help out.

When you use full or writes, the uploads in queue have to be checked against the remote. If you have a large number of files (size of the files doesn't matter) in there and a slow remote, the validation/verification process takes time.

Issue is here -> Reduce startup time with vfs cache (writes/full) · Issue #4595 · rclone/rclone · GitHub

A bit of mental shortcut in my answer. From end user perspective mount with VFS cache containing a lot of pending files exactly works like OP described - its start is delayed (can be hours).

Thank you for clarification of what exactly is going on behind the scene.

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