Rclone mount via batch file - hiding config password

OS : Windows 10

I run a scheduled task at every Windows startup to mount my remote.
To do this, the task executes a batch file with my desired parameters.
The problem I want to find a solution for is the configuration password.
Doing it this way, I have to leave my config password in plain text in the batch file, which obviously is not very secure.
Does anyone have a solution for this particular problem?

here is one option, if you use task scheduler but can be used in other ways

set the argument to "RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS=password"
and in the batch file

set %1
rclone.exe mount wasabieast2:en07 b:\mount\en07\

another way is to hide it inside the registry, again not a perfect solution.

for /F "tokens=3" %%A in ('reg query HKCU\Software\rclone /v rp') DO (set RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS=%%A)

Thanks, useful.