Rclone mount vfs-cache-max-size-per-object

I was wondering if possible to add a feature that put a limit size on vfs cache per object (like for my case 8000kb max per file).

Currently my temporary solution is I'm using an external batch file make a copy of the VFS sparse file cache & VFS meta for each object when it still below 8000kb, then every 2 hours I have to dismount the remote and copy those back into the current VFS cache, replacing the current larger sparsefile.

I did look into rclone source code on github, but i have no idea how to implement this feature.

Also, is it possible on Windows to use FSUTIL sparse setrange to only keep the part of VFS cache that below 8000kb?

I guess I'm not completely following.

If you want to keep only 8MB per file, but you are reading more than that, what's the goal? What's the use case for your scenario?

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