Rclone mount to rename files

I wanted to know if rclone mount would allow me to rename a file or folder without having to download it first. Im not sure if it only works werll in read-only mode. I have lots if folders and maybe files to rename oiin my gdrive.

You’d mount the drive and run normal unix / windows commands to rename files/folders. That is how I would approach it.

yeah that is what i want to do…like use sonarr or filebot to correct files. I also have a few files to move around. I wanted to avoid having to download files from Gdrive, modify them and then upload them back to gdrive.

If you rename a file, it doesn’t download it. It just issues a rename on it.

Rclone will do a server side copy/move if the remote supports it (1.44 required most likely).

yes this i know when i use rclone moveto but i never tried it with rclone mount or cache