Rclone mount this location could not be displayed

Running ubuntu 18, I made a folder on my desktop and I am using this command

rclone mount dropbox: ~/Desktop/DROPBOX

It only works when I am using sudo

So of course when I go to files an try to open the mounted remote I am greeted with this message

All other commands like copy sync also require sudo.
Is there an easy way to solve this withour reinstalling?

Thank you,


It sounds like the permissions on your rclone binary are wrong, or the permissions on the config file are wrong...

What happens when you type rclone lsf -vv . - can you post what it prints

I had the beta installed, went back to the default version. It was urgent.
I am running into another problem related to rmdirs command, should I make a new topic to that?

I think you need to step back and figure out your config.

If you are running as a user and not root, you need to make sure you run rclone config as that user and set it up.

If it works as sudo, that means you ran rclone config as root.

If you want to run it as root, you need to use "--allow-other" so other users can see it.

The beta or not beta wouldn't really matter until you sort out your config and how you want it setup.

I was thinking the same thing, that's why I just uninstalled it. Thank you both again for replying so soon.

I agree with Animosity that the likely problem here is running as root without --allow-other
Without this only root would have access, so this makes sense.

Now - why exactly you can't run it without root is another question worth asking, but not something I have an immediate answer to due to my limited Linux experience. It's not necessarily a problem to run rclone as root though.

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