Rclone mount+owner:group permission

I setup correctly a google drive with rclone.
I can mount via the cli rclone mount remote:/path/remote /path/local

I need to modify group and user of created files.
(currently, group et user are root:root.

I tried to do chown user:group /path/local/foldertest

But, the owner/group stay to root:root, even if I do chown user:group /path/local/foldertest

Do you know can I fix this issu?


not really solved, but I can rclone mount xx:xx /xx/xx/ with arguments -uid (number) -gid (number)

and files created or folder created aare owned to the user correspond with (number)

If this didnt solve your problem, what is the issue? If you mount it as root and specify the gid/uid you should be good.