Rclone Mount Opendrive

But now I have a problem with the rclone mount:

rclone mount opendrive-crypt: /mnt/opendrive --config="/root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf" --vfs-cache-mode=writes --allow-other

The files that already have 1GB are not uploaded to the cloud. Can someone give me an rclone mount that works well with opendrive.

test rclone copy on a single file larger than 1GiB and you will have your answer.

Yes, I have tried it and it gives an error with the buffer because winscp does not add it.

rclone copy file.ext opendrive:zork
2023/09/07 08:33:03 ERROR : file.ext: Failed to copy: failed to create file: File size limit exceeded. Maximum allowed file size: 104857600 (Error 403)

Well, the problem comes from rclone because webdav loads the content perfectly.

All is possible. You want this to be investigated provide all data as asked.

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