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What is the problem you are having with rclone?

I need to be able to mount my rclone drive in multiple computers

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Linux Ubuntu 16.04

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Google Dirve

I have my gdrive set up as drive --> cache --> crypt and its working well and mounted as well. I am trying to figure out how to mount the drive on another computer as well. I think rclone cache can only be attached to 1 process so to me it sounds like I would likely have to create another cache remote possibly. Do I also create another crypt along with that as well? I am kind of stuck as to how to proceed to have my gdrive cache/crypt mounted on another computer and show the files.


If you have multiple machines, you can just copy the first rclone.conf to the others and use it there.

The cache backend can only run one time per machine so having multiple machines is fine.

Right I did that and it works fine from that aspect. What I wanted to do was ready to mint it so copying files would be easier, but I'm having trouble with that part and I'm assuming it's because I'm using one cache and crypt as a mount already in the other computer system, so should I create another set with the same salt for this here computer and try that?

Yep, you can make another remote crypt only with the same password/salt and upload via that.

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You can just copy the config completely and run an identical instance on another machine as Animosity says. But of course then your caches will be totally separate - which may or may not be a problem depending on what you use it for.

The other, cleaner, option is to network-share one drive and have all other computers share that as a common resource instead. That has a lot of benefits in multiple ways - but it does almost "require" that you have a permanent server of some kind. Otherwise it will get quite annoying and inconvenient to have one computer be dependent on another being turned on. If you do have this though - that's the clearly "best" approach IMO. There are lots of benefits to aggregating the traffic, a shared cache is just one of these.

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