Rclone mount in FreeNAS?

Hey everyone!
currently looking to change my NAS system to Freenas, but looks like rclone mount is not supported?
I really need this feature.....
Can someone advise if it can be done in a jail?
maybe a VM?maybe on the freenas host itself?
also read somewhere that it's supported in freenas 12

Freenas is based on FreeBSD and rclone mount does support FreeBSD.

That said there is a problem with FreeBSD 12.1 and rclone mount which we haven't fixed yet.

What specifically makes you think that it is not supported? Do you get any errors?
Perhaps you need to need to manually install FUSE (which rclone relies on for making the mount). NAS distros are often a bit weird and don't have various bits and bobs that usually come standard on most Linux distros - but it's usually not a problem to install these things.

I expect that this is very doable - but you probably want to head over to the FreeNAS forums to search for "rclone" and see what posts pop up. It's very likely other users have faced the same issue as you have and know if there are any extra steps you need to do on FreeNAS to make a mount and how to most easily have it auto-run on startup.

I will be happy to answer any rclone questions, but I can't really help you with any quirks that FreeNAS might have.

I am getting error:
Fatal error: failed to mount FUSE fs: open /dev/fuse: no such file or directory

You probably need to load the fuse kernel module

I don't know how you'd do that on FreeNAS though.

I see lots of threads on that with a bit of searching - not sure if anyone succeeded though.

I don't see why that wouldn't work if you setup FUSE properly.

I speculate you might need to download FUSE. While this is pre-installed as standard on most Linux distros, NAS distros are a bit "weird" and minimal and often have many standard components cut out.
It should work fine to install it manually however.

Take NCW's advice over mine though if in doubt. I'm primarily a Windows guy.

Fuse is already installed as part of FreeNAS. It is typically only loaded when an NTFS formatted drive is mounted. To manually load it, you've two options. One is psuedo permanent, the other is as-needed. The first option is creating a system tunable named fuse_load. This will load the module at every system boot automatically. The second, is opening a shell and running 'kldload fuse'. You can unload it with the opposite, 'kldunload fuse'. You can check which kernel modules are currently loaded and what settings each have using 'kldstat'.

Mounting drives in root is definitely NOT recommended, however it does work (I've done it periodically for quite a while). Just make sure to explicitly call out every log location and everything else you are using or they will start writing to memory only which will both eat up your resources pretty quickly and possibly crash your machine. You'll also lose everything with reboot as it is entirely volatile that way. Once it is mounted at root, you can pass it to a jail or VM as usual for any local drive.

Mounting in jails is NOT currently supported. Although BSD has Fuse listed as jail-friendly since 11.2 iirc, for whatever reason it is not in FreeNAS. I've not dug into it deep enough to see if I can flag it friendly myself anywhere.