Rclone Mount Gdrive on Synology

I am running into some issues when I am mounting google drive to my synology on DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 1

I am first trying to run this from SSH into the synology before applying it to an automated task.

Config I am running

/usr/bin/rclone mount gdrive: /volume1/rclone/mount/gdrive --config /root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf --log-level=DEBUG --log-file=/volume1/rclone/mount/gdrive/rclone.log --buffer-size=512M --allow-other --allow-non-empty &

Log File

2023/03/16 08:57:06 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.62.1" starting with parameters ["/usr/bin/rclone" "mount" "gdrive:" "/volume1/rclone/mount/gdrive" "--config" "/root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf" "--log-level=DEBUG" "--log-file=/volume1/rclone/mount/gdrive/rclone.log" "--buffer-size=512M" "--allow-other" "--allow-non-empty"]
2023/03/16 08:57:06 DEBUG : Creating backend with remote "gdrive:"
2023/03/16 08:57:06 DEBUG : Using config file from "/root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf"
2023/03/16 08:57:06 DEBUG : Google drive root '': Mounting on "/volume1/rclone/mount/gdrive"
2023/03/16 08:57:06 Fatal error: failed to mount FUSE fs: fusermount: exec: "fusermount3": executable file not found in $PATH

any help with this is greatly appreciated.

hello and welcome to the forum,

rclone mount using v1.61.1 works
as it uses fusermount, not fusermount3

v1.62.1 will not work.
v1.62.2 will not work.

how can I go about installing an older version on the synology?

rclone is a portable app, does not need to be installed.
just download the executable.

Do you know which one works on synology and where I should extract it too?

what is the full output of rclone version

rclone v1.62.1

  • os/version: unknown
  • os/kernel: 3.10.108 (x86_64)
  • os/type: linux
  • os/arch: amd64
  • go/version: go1.20.2
  • go/linking: static
  • go/tags: none

I am currently just having trouble unzipping it after wget https://downloads.rclone.org/v1.61.1/rclone-v1.61.1-linux-amd64.zip

search synology KB

I got it, was able to use winscp, Thank you so much it actually mounts now.

allright, good


another question, when I try to save files to that mount it says the user does not have permission, how can I fix that? I checked permissions and it says that administrators only have read permissions and when I modify the permissions it says unable to perform this operation.

sorry, no idea what it is?

please understand, we cannot see into your machine.

when you first posted, there was a template of basic questions for you to answer.
so i do not have to keep pulling basic info from you.

When I go into the synology and I create a simple text document and tell it to save to the mounted location the synology text editor then gives me this error https://i.imgur.com/QIhIwDA.png

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