Rclone mount Gdrive - How do I set owner and group


I am using rclone 1.52 on a raspberry with raspian buster.
I want to mount Gdrives in the file-system of raspian. So I discovered rclone.

I want to use autofs to mount Gdrives on Demand.
I discovered this script:

How do I change the owner and group of the mounted files and directories on Gdrive.

Thanks for your help

hello and welcome to the forum,

have you read documentation?

you can set permissions with "dir-perms FileMode" and "file-perms FileMode", but I found nothing about how to set ownership to user X and group to group Y

You'd want:

 --uid uint32                             Override the uid field set by the filesystem. (default 1000)
   --gid uint32                             Override the gid field set by the filesystem. (default 1000)

but how do I have to use these Options together with helper script?

remote -fstype=fuse.rclonefs,config=/home/piUser/.config/rclone/rclone.conf,allow-other,allow-non-empty,uid=1000,gid=1005,dir-perms=660,file-perms=660 :remote:

this doesnt work by this way

I am not sure what a helper script is as you put them in the rclone command line with your mount.

So you'd add:

rclone mount remote: /home/test --uid 1001 --gid 1001
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