Rclone mount ftp freezing


I have a simple rclone mount for a ftp remote for copying files from my seedbox to a local radarr install.

The logs simply freeze with no error that I can see im using -vv

My mount command is:

rclone mount seedbox:/media/adfb/user/private/rtorrent/data /mnt/downloads/rutorrent --allow-other --allow-non-empty -vv

Anyone experienced this before?

Where are you putting the logfile? --log-file ?

Actually I was running from SSH so the logs was being output in the terminal window. I have since set it up using systemd service and seems to fine so far.

I wonder if your connection dropped and that dropped the running process? If I had to guess, I’d probably go there if it is working via the service.

Maybe it happened twice to me but I left it on all night came back next day started transfering and then it died. But it could of been connection like you said :slight_smile: