Rclone mount esxi (ssh)


windows 10 from the computer using Rclone mount linux computer as ssh I can make connection, windows 10 computer as map drive can see

I tried to connect to Esxi for the same function VM backup, but I couldn’t connect, I can connect to Puty with Esxi Ssh, but I couldn’t do it with Rclone, there is a way to connect

thank you

I would guess that Esxi ssh doesn’t support SFTP. It looks like it is possible to enable SFTP though.

Thank you for your answer

When I want to make ssash connection with putty, filezilla or ssh

I see a trust screen similar to the text below, and I can connect without any problem when I accept it, but I don’t see this screen when I do ssh with rclone, so I can’t establish a security relationship so I can’t connect with EXSI Is there a solution to this?

Thank you

putty messages:
**** The server’s host. You have think it is. The server is ssh-6464566 key fingerprint is:
ssh-ed456745 512 11: 22: 33: 44: 55: 66: 77: 88: 99: If you trust this host, hit PuTTY’s cache and carry on connecting. If you want to carry on without connecting just before, without adding the key to the cache, hit No. If you don’t trust this host, hit connection. ******

rclone doesn’t store the host IDs in like putty does do you won’t get a message like this.

What does it do? Can you paste a log with -vv?