Rclone mount backup dir

I seem to understand that the --backup-dir option only works with sync, copy or move. Is there a possibility in the future that it will also be implemented with mount, or is there some trick to be able to achieve a similar result?

Basically I would like to mount a remote and I would like that when I delete or modify a file this is not permanently deleted, but moved to the backup directory, as already happens with sync, copy and move.


Hmm, I think if you use --vfs-cache-mode writes or --vfs-cache-mode full then --backup-dir will work... Can you give it a go?

No, it doesn't seem to work. I tried this commands:

rclone mount data:/current /mnt/data/ --vfs-cache-mode full --backup-dir data:/old

rclone mount data:/current /mnt/data/ --vfs-cache-mode writes --backup-dir data:/old

I then tried to create, edit and delete a file in /mnt/data, and data:/old remained empty.

data is a crypt remote, pointing to a chunk remote, pointing to a WebDAV remote.

does not seem to work, both, with and without --vfs-cache-mode=full

Thanks for testing.

THere are two cases that rclone could make --backup-dir work with mount

  1. When deleting a file, move it to the backup dir
  2. When uploading a file, move the previous version to the backup dir

I think both should be relatively easy to implement, and should just be the VFS layer calling a slightly higher level function.

Is it worth doing?

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