Rclone mount and plex library updating

I got a VPS and mounted my amazon cloud drive and added the media paths from the mount to my plex and everything works initially.

However, my plex library does not seem to update with new media that I have uploaded even though I have enabled in plex “update my library automatically”.

I am used to plex indexing the new files that I add to my folders as soon as they appear in the directory, is there a reason this is not working with rclone mount and is there a way to get it to work?

All I can assume is that there are not proper filesystem notify events on the rclone mount directory to trigger plex to perform its library updates.

How do people who use rclone mount with plex handle this?


If you are running Plex on same machine you can easily solve this with unionfs eg merge content of your local folder ( from where you upload the media with rclone and your mounted rclone folder )


Folder structure:
/home/plex/acd-crypt/ (rclone mount )
/home/plex/upload (local folder )
/home/plex/union-acd-crypt-upload (union point your Plex Lib here )

Mount Points:
├─/home/plex/acd-crypt acdcrypt: fuse.rclone

Mount commands:
rclone mount --allow-non-empty --allow-other acdcrypt: /home/plex/acd-crypt/ &
unionfs-fuse -o cow /home/plex/upload=RW:/home/plex/acd-crypt=RO /home/plex/union-acd-crypt-upload/

Rclone move command:
/usr/bin/rclone move /home/plex/upload/ acdcrypt: -c --no-traverse --min-age 20m --transfers 15 --checkers 15 --delete-after --log-file=/var/log/rclone-upload.cron.log

If you are running Plex on another server then you can make CURL calls once upload is finished to update your Plex Library.

curl “http://xxx:32400/library/sections/1/refresh?force=0&X-Plex-Token=xxx

Iam running it 2 separate servers so after each upload iam updating the libraries I made upload to eg movies or series.

Atm Iam waiting for my new server and plan to improve script just to update specific folder and not whole library section like iam doing now, Still thinking about how to proceed but its more then likely I will store the path to newly uploaded folder directly on acd and read those paths from my Plex server.

Before i do that need to switch from encfs to crypt and then will start working on it.

Well, I download media to my home server and then upload it to the cloud from home. Plex is only on a VPS where my cloud is mounted. So I don’t have any local media on the VPS. The disk is only 20GB SSD so it doesn’t even have room to download and unpack stuff locally.

I was hoping to have it only update the folder that changed because I will probably be using Google Drive going forward and don’t want to hit the 24 hour ban.

Plex is supposed to have the ability to detect when the content of a library directory changes all by itself. Is it not possible to implement this filesystem notification in FUSE?

I guess I will have to look into making a script to manually update specific folders through the plex command line.