Rclone mount ACD with CP

Currently I’m using Rclone to mount a large directory from Amazon Cloud. I’m using the following mount settings:
rclone mount --allow-other --allow-non-empty Amazon:LightWrath-source /home/lightwrath/dest/
Reading and writing to the mounted directory is fine, I can create new files and folders no problem. However when attempting to copy files from local HDD to the mounted area using using the GUI. Not all the time, but often I get the error “input/output error.” Under Debian I expect that CP is being called by the GUI.
cp -aruv /home/lightwrath/source/* /home/lightwrath/dest/ Has the exact same results.
This occurs at the end of the copy, sometimes I don’t get the error, sometimes I do but when checking the file is actually within the mount other times it’s not. The copy progress always reaches the end before getting the error, so it’s only at the final stage.

I’m currently using the latest beta of rclone.
Thank you very much, if I’m not able to resolve this, I can always just use the rclone copy function to place it on the mount but would be nice to

This is probably caused by an upload failure which are common with ACD. The log would tell you for sure. cp and GUI equivalents were designed to work on a file system where failures don’t happen.

I recommend you upload the files with rclone copy which will be more reliable and will do retries on failures (which there will be some inevitably).