Rclone mount acd on macOS error

I’m getting the following error trying to mount my Amazon Cloud Drive on macOS:

failed to mount FUSE fs: exit status 6

Anyone know what that means and how to resolve this problem?

Any help is much appreciated!

Can you add -v to the command line then post a log here please?

This is what I get (folder structure changed)

MacBook-Air:~ user$ rclone mount acd:folder ~/folder -v
2016/10/18 15:39:58 rclone: Version “v1.33” starting with parameters [“rclone” “mount” “acd:folder” “/Users/user/folder” “-v”]
2016/10/18 15:40:00 amazon drive root ‘folder’: Modify window not supported
Error: failed to mount FUSE fs: exit status 6

on the other macOS I get the same with this difference:

Error: failed to mount FUSE fs: cannot locate OSXFUSE

That means you need to install OSXFUSE which you can do from here


Hopefully that is the same as the first problem because I don’t know what exit status 6 means!

Problems fixed on both systems.

Thanks for the tip!

The mounts don’t last very long on macOS.
Is that normal? How can I get it auto remount?

Edit: testing now with the beta version v1.33-82-g5986953/

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The mounts shouldn’t disappear. Good idea testing with the latest beta - there have been lots of fixes recently!

I have had this as well. Randomly disconnects the mount.

With the latest beta version v1.33-82-g5986953/ I am not getting any disconnects / unmounts. YAY!

Excellent news indeed!

Also added the mount to start auto start with the system, run in the background, & keeping it alive. This is the most hassle free way I could think of having ACD mounted at all times.

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hey there,
If you don’t mind me asking, what’s that application? It looks like automator but I’m not sure… If it is, how can I do this?
Thank you

It’s a little application called LaunchControl. I’ve been pretty happy with it so far.

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