Rclone monitoring

I am developing some changes for Tautulli and one that I am building is a monitor for the rclone mount.

To “test” if the rclone mount is alive and well, what I have is a call to rc core/pid, if successful, call rc operations/copyfile to copy a testfile to a temporary location with the srcFS being the mount directory. I then delete the copied file from the temporary location.
If all that succeeds, I consider rclone to be functional.

What do you think? Is this an adequate “monitor” for testing if the rclone mount is alive and well? Any suggestions?

I have it working using basic authentication with the rc-user and rc-pass in the http header. But I don’t yet understand how to use a cert in the request. Anybody have any example code?

Here’s a screen shot. Note the rClone status column in the servers status. If the rclone mount is not functioning, it goes red.
I’m writing this because on one of my VPSs, the vps vendor keeps dorking up fuse somehow and my mount will be down for awhile and I won’t know it.

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I think that sounds very good - you are testing rclone is alive and you are testing the mount is alive.

Depending on how secure you want to be…

These two set the certificates up for using https. You could get these from letsencrypt for instance, or you could generate your own self signed ones.

  --rc-cert string                     SSL PEM key (concatenation of certificate and CA certificate)
  --rc-key string                      SSL PEM Private key

And this one sets it up for client side certificates. So it should be a CA to verify any incoming connections. If you have this set up you have so called “mutual TLS”. It isn’t strictly speaking necessary if you have a password.

  --rc-client-ca string                Client certificate authority to verify clients with

@ncw Thanks, Nick. The cert parameters makes sense now. I guess I was over complicating it in my mind. :slight_smile:

Do you what is the actual cause for the mount breaking? I’d be curious to see what the issue is as I’ve never had my mount stop working.

I wish I knew. The service is with Quick Click Hosting. They told me it is a known problem with their servers and they are moving to new servers. It’s been stable for a few days now.
My other two servers are with Ethernet Servers and I have never had any problem with them.

This is awesome! Will you push this changes into tautulli github?


I will eventually push them to my repository and submit a PR to the tautulli repository. Hopefully they will accept my changes. :slight_smile:

I have published the multi-server version of Tautulli to my repository. It is available for testing. Note that this is not an official release of Tautulli. I will be submitting a PR to the tautulli repository. Hopefully they will accept it.

I do it with Monit very well

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